American National Socialism


We must never give in to communist liberal hands and fight the jew and drive the enemy to the sea. We must secure the American Nation and revive the Manifest Destiny of the United States of America.

“American National Socialism is the will and the right of the people. We are here and we are forever” – Commander P.

We as Americans must ask ourselfs what prides us of the things we have and what horror we try to hide as we cross a Rubicon we must ask about the current system and the things we do, are they right or are they wrong? The Democrats and the Conservatives are both reactionary to each other. No one gets things done cause of the constant actions taken against those who try and put forth ideals that would benefit a people. As American National Socialists its time we stand up to the status quo and say “NO” to the parties that rule the country. Both of which are ruled by Bankers and Zionists who work off of corporate greed and get donated millions of dollars to make the average citizen suffer from such disasters they create. I must ask the Conservative “what are you conserving” and I must ask the Liberal “Why the ideals”.

American National Socialist Party 

We want to guarantee a political party that will never be bought for the failed state and those who want to harm the nature of the folk.  ANSP will fight for the will of the people to free them from degenerate actions caused by the slavish actions (((they))) have caused us.  The ANSP is the only political party that has a paramilitary wing that is created to clean the streets of crime and bad actions caused by those who want to destroy civilization with the actions of the oppressors.


Volks Republic

Augustus Invictus for President

Augustus Invictus is running for President in 2020, he is officially registered for the next election with the FEC. Invictus cannot be silenced by the “conservatives” and the democratic media and the Zionist order. This order cannot silence a Presidential Campaign without consequence.

Go and support his campaign directly to his paypal link is provided below.

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Augustus Invictus Presidency Run


Augustus Invictus had announced today his run for President of the United States of America and as fellow National Socialist do to help our White Brothers we also announce we endorse Augustus Invictus for presidency and will continue to make sure he gets the coverage needed to win the ballot or will the (((nose know))) lets hope he wins, veni vidi vici.

You can support him via below


U.S Representative Tulsi Gabbard has made her points clear and it goes as many hearts beat as one. We do not want anymore wars for hook nosed bankers. We the ANSP do not want anymore lives to be lost to 1984 style Zionist Occupational Forces killing innocents and forcing the issues with immigration that are present today in 2019. Gabbard is also not funded by any lobby or super pac, she is funded by the people and for the people.

We salute to anyone who is willing to take a step in the right direction and end useless wars and bring our troops back home. The ANSP again is endorsing Gabbard along with others who are willing to take a stand against these warhawks.

Down with the magapedes and up with the kreuz.

Her Website

One People, One Nation, One Leader

Hail Victory


On this day in the year 1889 a special man whom would be considered the 2nd coming of Christ would be born on this day. This man would be name Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler had taken his country back from Zionist hands and raised the banner of the Swastika which was the symbol of all European Ancestors.

Adolf Hitler was a Nationalist at heart,he saw nature and mankind as a kin ship to the eternal order with spirituality. Adolf Hitler was a man who is hated very much so as Jesus Christ was when he was killed then now is worshiped among Christians alike.

“My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see i was right.”

― Adolf Hitler

In 2019 we are seeing the First International Meeting of National Socialists from all over the world. Today Fashbash 2019 was held as a event for National Socialists to come together and to spread the word and teachings of Adolf Hitler and the Nationalist Virtue. Various groups are at the event as a united front against the Liberal Marxist enemy….

America is for the free

America the home of the brave

America is ours

Hail Victory.


We must never forget what happened in France and to all the people who have suffered across the world from the Zionist Enemy. We must never forget what truly happened on 9/11 and we must not forget what is happening now to Europe and to the World. Today we see a monument in France be torched down and we see Zionist Arabs (By which we mean they use them as foot soldiers for the Zionist cause blindly) and Zionist say that this place is “Anti Semitic” so it deserves to be burned. Let it be shown that if you are Anti Globalism and you are for your country and people you are a Anti – Semite In the eyes of the jew.

It must get even more clear that we know the jew is the enemy of the world. It must now be truly shown that people will not stand this any longer and that the jew must be removed. No wonder all through out history they have been kicked out and banned.



“[He was] no different than other people,” says mosque president Mohamed Jama. “He was a normal man.”

Mr Havard’s parents say it’s at the mosque he met fellow convert Mr Jones, who was known at Muslim Bin John.

But the mosque can’t remember Mr Jones, and denies teaching radical Islam.

It seems Kiwi spies may have had the mosque under surveillance.

“I’m not going to go into the individual entities or the operations that the SIS or the GCSB conducted,” says Prime Minister John Key.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) began an investigation into Mr Havard’s possible involvement in an alleged al-Qaida kidnapping of three westerners in Yemen.

Documents show, “Mr Havard and Mr Nin John were of long-standing interest to the AFP due to their assessed activities in Yemen liked to al-Qaida”.

All that’s known of Mr Jones is that he was 31 years old, a joint New Zealand-Australian citizen, and his family are still here.

The Church was linked to Terrorism.