Today on 20 April 1889, The man who would be an artist, fight for animal rights, fight in World War one and would be a veteran that would remove Communist and Zionist elements in Austria and Germany would be born. Adolf Hitler after joining and taking over the DAP in 1920 renamed the DAP into … Continue reading ADOLF HITLERS 132nd BIRTHDAY

Quick Announcement

The ANSP is going to be publishing pamphlets and other materials within the next couple of weeks to help comrades all across the board with activism/political discussions. The ANSP is not a dead organization nor is it a fed/glow organization; We are a grass roots group that has members and autonomous sympathizers across the board. … Continue reading Quick Announcement

Remembering Kate Steinle

Kate and the illegal Alien ( José Inez García Zárate) On July 1st, 2015 32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot in the head by an illegal Alien named  José Inez García Zárate. He was not a citizen of the United States and came in illegally and was held in sanctuary in San Francisco, California. Kate was shot … Continue reading Remembering Kate Steinle