Its Okay to Be White March

On 11/17/18 The NJEHA and various other White Activists took to the streets and made it clear that it is okay to be white in  Princeton …….. Hail Victory , it takes real men to take to the streets and use the Bill of Rights that were guaranteed by the founding fathers.  

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Pass the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act

Social media has become the Lingua Franca of the modern age. Megacorporate monopolies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube now firmly control primary channels of public communication, and are immune from viable competition due to overwhelming network effects. For several years, they have quite literally been engaging in Soviet-style censorship, which has silenced tens of […]

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During this last week the ANSP, White Lives Matter and the New Jersey European Heritage Association had their Discords and communication networks shutdown by infiltrators and (((them))) as Discord is now associating themselves with the group called “Unicorn Riot” as they try to eliminate “Hate Speech” in the name for the social justice system in […]


Bring Jakiw Palij BACK

BRING Jakiw Palij   BACK ! He came here legally to get away from Communism and is being deported for being a German Soldier. TRUMPSTEIN will not win in 2020. He is a Enemy to America and only aids Israel.  Not only that they bounded the man into a chair after they barged into his home…   […]

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White History Month

From now on the American National Socialist Party and many other groups such as the Bad Goyz , New Jersey European Heritage Association , Activism Networks and many others declared from here on JULY is our month. Yes we know every month is White History month but for the Goyim out there it is OURS.   […]

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Yes now you no longer have to goto another website to purchase ANSP material instead we brought it to you. all funds are used to prepare ANSP for its coming campaign to reclaim America. We are also announcing that the group is in the process of training with Werewolf Division to better suit the group. […]